Original lines, richness of details, precious and materic elements.

A new boat concept inspired by the aesthetic sinuosity of the violin, a living form that becomes emotion in the hands of the musician.

Stradivari 43 is pure emotion. It represents the possibility of exploring a world permeated with culture, art and tradition. Nautical and lutherie share some fundamental values: ability, creativity, craftsmanship, excellence, innovation, uniqueness, emotion, family soul, authentic spirit, feeling of belonging to the territory.

Stradivari43 is the result of a meticulous study of the sinuous and soft shapes of the violin, followed by a work of abstraction that has allowed to reach a concept that integrates the technical needs of the boat itself.

Craftsmanship, stylistic innovation, high level of design and industrialization, meticulous attention to details and finishes, are the cornerstones of this product.

Stradivari 43 è "one in a million" di Capelli, le sue forme risuoneranno più intimamente nelle corde dell'anima più profonda.