Stradivari 43 represents an exciting challenge, create a connection between violin making and boat builiding. Know-how, craftsmanship, creativity and method, identity and uniqueness. Two worlds permeated by great values, that tell what we have been and what we are. Starting from our roots, going farer, together.

The recess on the soundboard is a subtraction of the volumes on the sides of the instrument. The same concept is shown on the deckhouse sides and on the hard top, where two contrasting stylistic features reflect the same concept.

The shape of the neck and tailpiece of the violin represent a sort of central volume that crosses the boat: two lines that that tighten and widen from stern to bow.

Design Stradivari 43

The “f” hole or sound hole on the body of the instrument is integrated
in the bow shield of the unit.
The lighting emphasize the affinities between the stylistic features of the boat

and those of the violin.

The interiors are deeply connected with the world of music. Inspired by the lines of an auditorium, it is permeated by sinous and evocative elements. Colours and shapes are immediately reminding those of the instrument. The lighting underlines some strong details that lead back to the world of violin making: the four strings of the violin are found in an evocative panel that recalls the keyboard of the instrument itself.

All materic choices are strongly linking Stradivari 43 to violinmaking art, without forgetting features like elegance, exclusivity and captivation.

Black colour dominates the neck and the tailpiece of the instrument same as the hard top sides, deckhouse and cabin details .
Steel elements such as the strings of the violin and the bow handrail of the boat, have a functional aim. The colour mood takes up the brown tone of wood, fiberglass is in quartz grey and the tube is in ebony brown nuance.

Stradivari 43 is inspired by the sinuosity of lines, the smoothness of shapes, its color palette tells of matter and earth.

Evocative and vibrant, you’ll get magically seduced at first glance.

Stradivari 43 è "one in a million" di Capelli, le sue forme risuoneranno più intimamente nelle corde dell'anima più profonda.