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The current regulation about the processing of personal data, defined by the EU Regulation 2016/679 dated 27 Aprile 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons and their personal data, same as the circulation of these data, contains direct dispositions in order to warranty that the same treatment occurs in the respect of rights and fundamental   freedom of natural person

1. Treatment purposes
In compliance to the duties established by the regulation in force, CANTIERI CAPELLI SRL appointed as the DATA CONTROLLER performs the treatment of personal data:


1. Supply an offer, stipulate a supplying contract or access to a service, fulfill the agreement duties

The treatment of the data filled in are fulfilled for administrative-accounting processes connected to the execution of  organizational, administrative, accounting and financial activities, regardless of the nature of the treated data
Personal data collected: Name, surname, email, telephone number, country
Foundation of the treatment: consent of the person, legitimate interest
All personal data collected in the range of the present treatment, are strictly functional to the contact management and to the fulfillment connected to the activities related to the “configurator” area. The lack of data collection, due to a refusal of the person concerned.


 2. Mailing of promotional, marketing and commercial information

By the newsletter registration, the User’s email address is inserted in a list of contacts to which it will be possible to send email messages containing information, even of commercial and promotional nature, connected  to the site and its services.
Personal data collected: Name, surname, email, telephone number, country
Foundation of the treatment: consent of the person.


2. Methods of treatment and data preservation in time  
The treatment will be carried out, with or without the aid of electronic tools, following the principles of honesty, legitimacy, directness, in order to defend the confidentiality and the rights of the interested people in every moment, in application to what is established by the law in force.
Your data will be preserved, in conformity to what is established by the regulation in force, for a period of time not longer than the one needed to reach the purposes of the treatment and that can be linked to the time frame defined in the agreement between the parties, under a specific request of the customer.
In relation to the handling of the contract agreement in force, data will be kept for a timing defined by the referred regulation as well as, once at the end of the supplying agreement, for a 10 years term related to the preservation of the only civil law data.
In relation to the marketing purposes treatment (1.2), prior to the optional consent expressed by the Customer, data will be preserved for a period of time strictly necessary to the handling of the goals above indicated, following the criteria built to respect of the regulations in force, to the honesty and balance between the legitimate interest and of the rights and freedom of the person concerned.


3. People authorized to the treatment of Your data – Communication and data sharing
The collected personal data are treated by authorized individuals that need to handle them for the fulfillment of his activities and by eventual outer individuals that can act as SUB DATA CONTROLLERS or DATA PROCESSOR depending on the cases, after express designation.
All data collected by the “configurator” platform are forwarded to the authorized distributor/dealer of reference, depending on the area of origin of the user filled in the form. The customer authorizes the DATA CONTROLLER to use third parties to process personal data to supply, distribute or option related to certain services.
The list of data processors are available at data controller headquarters  In order to know
Other suppliers will have access only to the data strictly necessary to develop its assignments; moreover they have to treat personal data in conformity with this privacy policy and with the regulation applicable for the protection of personal data. The data controller reserves to transfer his personal data to a third country on the basis of the European Commission decisions on suitability, so on the basis of  appropriate  warranties established by the regulation in force, committing not to spread data. On the formalization of the present document, the data controller declares that the personal data are stored in data centers located in the EU.


4. Data controller and contact details
Data controller is CANTIERI CAPELLI SRL, located in Spinadesco (CR), via delle Industrie n. 19, in compliance with what is expected by the European regulation n. 679/2016 subject-matter of Protection of personal data.
For any requirements, you can send a communication to the representative at the administrative office to the following address:

5. Rights of the data subject
The data subject can exercise his rights reported in the articles from 15 to 22 of the European Regulation n. 679/2019 in matter of Protection of personal data, among those:
– the confirmation that a personal data treatment is in process and having the access (right of access, art. 15)
– Amendment of incorrect personal data or integration of incomplete data. (Amendment right, art. 16)
– The cancellation of the same data, if one of the reasons established in the Regulation (Oblivion right, art. 17)
– the limitation of the treatment if one of the event of the Regulation occurs (Limitation Rights, art. 18)
– The reception of a structured format, coming from a common use and readable by an automatic device, of the personal data supplied by the Customer to the data controller  and to transfer these data to another data controller of the treatment. (Portability right, art. 20)
– The revocation of the personal data treatment agreement, in every moment, without compromising the legitimacy of the treatment based on the approval gave before the suspension and to oppose to any treatment for marketing purposes.


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Data controller
Data controller is CANTIERI CAPELLI srl located  in Spinadesco (CR), via delle Industrie n. 19, in compliance to what is provided by the EU Regulation n. 679/2016 in matter of personal data Protection
For any request, please send a mail with your communication to the representative person to the office or to the following email address: